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Expect delays on HWY 16 between Kerrville and Fredericksburg. 4+ vehicles lost control at Deadmans curve. Emergency vehicles on scene. SLOW DOWN and be safe! ... See MoreSee Less


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Yea in the middle of it when a local flooring store thought it might pass me on the right. Hah. They tried and then saw why I was driving so slow. Changed their mind

Any updates on this?

Saw it this morning prayers for all

Prayers for everyone involved.

David Cheney

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She’d quote The Rolling Stones...”you can’t always get what you want” 😁🤘🏼

You can get glad in the same rags you got mad in.

You will lose her the same way ya got her.

Nothing good happens after midnight!

I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life......

When you have kids I hope that their just like you

Close the door! I am not paying to air condition the outside 😂

When your tail's dragging, turn around, pick it up, and keep on going.

Use it up wear it out make it due or due without!

You get more with honey than vinegar. Sleep with dogs and you'll get fleas. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. The sooner you learn to admit you're wrong, the easier your life will get. **I miss her**

'Eat that (whatever it was I didn't want to eat). There are starving children in China who would love to eat that.' On the occasions that I was served something I liked & I ate with gusto the comment was that 'I was eating like a starving Armenian'. About 50 years later I read about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey during WW1. I have always wondered how something so awful made the transition to cliché.

I didn't have a mom to grow up with so nothing for me to post...but I did enjoy reading all of yours...thank you all kindly...:)

Just wait until your father gets home!

Life is like a box of ........no, but for real..... she told me to “Kill em with Kindness”

Possibly. That was always the answer. So truth be told it was usually yes but she let us know she had the upper hand!

Watch out for snakes. Side note: She conjured them up.

“Stupid is as stupid does.” “My magic shoes could take me anywhere.” “Life is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you’re gonna get.” “Alligators are so ornery because they’ve got all of them teeth and no toothbrush.” “Fooz-ball is the devil.” “Little girls are the devil.” “I invented electricity. Benjamin Franklin is the devil.”

If a freeze comes your face will be stuck like that.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Quit making that face, or it will stay that way.

Go Outside and Play!..."But mom it's hot outside"...I don't care!, Go Outside and Play....lol

"Wait til your father gets home!" And if we got hurt it was: "do you see what happens!! That's what you get for not listening to me!"

“ If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you jump too? “

Nothing good happens after midnight

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

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Cody the pool shark

4 days ago

94.3 Rev-FM, The Rock of Texas

Pool showdown!!
Mike's Vape Shop in Kerrville.
Who will school who ? Cody or Coach Keller?
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Thanks Mikes Vape Shop, and REV for having this day...I am a new vaper and Mikes took great care of me and got me hooked up with my new pen and oil that's right for me!!! Loving it...Thanks sooo Much


The REVfm crew is at Mike's Vapor today for the customer apprication celebration... Stop by to register for Water Park tickets and many other prizes, including some cool REV gear.. We will be here until 2pm today! Free food and drinks!!! ... See MoreSee Less

The REVfm crew is at Mikes Vapor today for the customer apprication celebration...  Stop by to register for Water Park tickets and many other prizes, including some cool REV gear..  We will be here until 2pm today!  Free food and drinks!!!

4 days ago

94.3 Rev-FM, The Rock of Texas

Come out Saturday August 11th to
Mike's Vapor Shop from 11am to 3pm . The REV FM Crew will be there !! It will be a FANTASTIC 😊 time with Giveaways, Refreshments, pool and Video games.
Stop in and meet Mike and Carrie and find out first hand how much they appreciate their customers . You can also gain knowledge about your favorite vape products!
... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

94.3 Rev-FM, The Rock of Texas

ONE WEEK! The Texas premiere of THE GLITTER GIRLS opens Friday, August 17 in the VK Garage Theater - don't miss it! You know you've got to find out what this crazy crew is voting on......http://playhouse2000.com/buy-tickets-2018-season/ ... See MoreSee Less


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Drivin' n Cryin', MSG, Honeymoon Suite, 220 Volt, Shooting Star

Point Blank

Avenged sevenfold and Volbeat

Moxy is another great band that weren’t able to fully break into the mainstream. Ridin High is a severely underrated effort, and definitely worth a listen.

Jonny Lang - WonderThis World 1998. LIE TO ME - Opened for Aerosmith Texas motor Speedway. He was about 16 - 17 at the time.

Cadillac Dawgs

Anyone familiar with Fifth Angel? Two excellent CDs in the late 80s.

The Stacks with Jake Ames

Joy Division. Some people know who they are but a lot of people ask “ Who? “

Skeletonwitch! Best blackened thrash/death metal. Beyond the Permafrost and Serpents Unleashed are monumental works of dexterity whilst maintaining a distinct melody and thrash based rhythms. They recently replaced their singer and the latest album is more experimental.

Spirit, very good band, and a very old band.

They aren’t ‘unknown’ but damn, Savatage should have been so much bigger. At least TSO is carrying on....


Bang but pretty much only the first album. Summer of 72 they opened for Alice Cooper.

Vallejo and Del Castillo. Both out of Austin.


Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns

The Dead Daisies or J. Roddy Walston & The Buisness

Revolution Saints have some pretty good songs.

Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

Hijo de Puta....... San Marcos Tx.

Angel...saw them twice in the 70’s

Armageddon! Ummm or is 1 person a band..thus it is I

The Great Unknowns

Scars On Broadway

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